Gina: 55 year old avid gardner

After a wet spring, Gina was eager to garden for the entire Memorial Day weekend but the following day, she was unable to stand up straight. After just one osteopathic manipulation treatment, she was able to stand more comfortably and get back to the garden she loved.

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Henry: 65 year old avid golfer

Henry loves golf. Osteoarthritis in his knees made it difficult for him to play, and he needed a golf cart to manage the long distances between shots. Prolotherapy injections have decreased Henry's pain and improved his mobility on the green and in life.

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Mary: 30 year old new mother

Mary was eager to return to running following the birth of her first child, but quickly developed pain in her left foot. Evaluation revealed that her left foot was now a half size bigger, a change related to her pregnancy. A customized arch support allowed Mary to run comfortably again.

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Emily: on the go young mother

Keeping up with two small children, Emily has constant pain in her lower back, shoulders and neck. She stands with her chin out, head and shoulders curved forward. Emily would benefit from postural training and stabilization exercises to strengthen her neck, back and abdomen.

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Zack: 38 year old competitive cyclist

After years of discomfort in his lateral thighs and hips while riding, an evaluation reveals forefoot instability not fully addressed by his current orthotics. An additional layer of foam padding was strategically placed, immediately improving his forefoot control. Trigger points in his hips were also treated, fully resolving his pain.

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Dr. Stebbing treats pain and injury by providing a comprehensive evaluation of the musculoskeletal system and creating a personalized plan to promote healing, increase function and decrease pain, allowing the full return to sport and life.

About: Dr Jennifer Stebbing DO

Dr Jennifer Stebbing DODr. Stebbing is passionate about Sports Medicine, treating athletes and non-athletes alike. Dr. Stebbing uses her hands for both diagnosis and treatment, embracing the fine art of osteopathic manipulation